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Gathering the information required to complete a tax return is often a headache. We have prepared the list below (PDF) to help you gather the necessary documents. Once your file is ready, hand it in to us in person or by email and we will take care of the rest.
Please note: if you are submitting the documents in paper format, please do not staple them.

Do not forget to tell us your place of work and your rate of activity for each of your jobs. You can write these on the salary certificates or send us the information in your email.

Note for home-owners:
Maintenance costs are deductible. These include:

  • Fire insurance premium (ECA, ECAB)
  • Building insurance premium
  • Taxes for wastewater treatment and waste disposal
  • Renovation costs (replacement of existing items, e.g. a washing machine that has broken down)
  • Garden maintenance costs

Third pillar A

Have you considered signing up for a third pillar A? It could grant you significant tax savings. Let's talk about it!


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