Online tax return

Save yourself a trip and send us your documents online to complete your tax return. Simple, fast and secure.

Step 1: download the documents list. Make sure you have all applicable documents in PDF format.

Step 2: go to the secure website and upload all your PDF files. If you want to, you can group them in a .zip file, although it is not necessary.

Encrypted data transfer service

Step 3: choose the "Link" (1) option and click on "Transfer" (2).

Your files will be submitted through SwissTransfer. Once the submission done, a link will appear that you can copy. If you click on the button, it is automatically copied (3).

Once copied, please fill in the form below and paste the link in the "Comments" field. We will confirm receipt of your documents by email and will handle your tax return.

Link button
Link button
Click the link
Click the link

Our trust company is at your service

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