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Federal tax administration

Course listing for foreign currencies

Alternative medicine list (in French)

Check out this exclusive list that will allow you to find a therapist depending on your health needs.

Caisse cantonale de compensation Fribourg

Leaflets and forms regarding your AVS (retirement).

Calculate your medical insurance premium

Neutral and independent comparison website.

Chambre fribourgeoise de l'immobilier

Founded in 1973, the Chambre fribourgeoise de l'immobilier is a cantonal association serving property owners. A private law association, it brings together owners of rental or commercial properties, houses, flats, and land located in the canton of Fribourg. It includes institutional owners, insurance companies, banks, investment funds, pension funds, and private individuals. It is a member of the Fédération romande immobilière (FRI).

Free legal advice

A professional website where lawyers answer your questions.

Federal Social Insurance Office

The Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) is the federal government's centre of competence for all matters relating to the economic consequences of old age and disability, as well as for family matters. It plans, directs, and monitors the proper implementation of the relevant social insurance schemes. It also concludes social security agreements with other countries.

Revue d'information sociale

REISO is an independent, non-profit association. It is interdisciplinary and focuses on social action and public health in French-speaking Switzerland.


KVG/LAMal umbrella association. Find out more about the mandatory health insurance.

Service de l'Action sociale Fribourg

Useful information regarding the cantonal social help in Fribourg.

Service cantonal des contributions Fribourg

Useful information regarding your tax return in Fribourg.

Service de la population et des migrants SPoMi Fribourg

The cantonal reference for work permit applications.

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