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SOScourrier becomes a Fiduciaire Suisse member

From 12th September 2022, our company becomes a member of the Fiduciaire Suisse network, a symbol of competence in the fiduciary field.

At your service for all lines of insurance, tax advice and tax return, all types of accounting work, rent guarantee, personal loan, administrative assistance, handling your paperwork, and any other fiduciary work.

Wide and free range of insurers and products.

Do not hesitate to ask for our advice on how to optimize your taxes, your year-end closing, how to best handle a procedure you need, retirement, a permanent departure from Switzerland, or even formalities linked to unemployment.

With SOScourrier, there is no interminable waiting: you call, we answer, it's as simple as that.

Our strengths: our experience and your loyalty.

Our comparisons allow you to make substantial savings.

An excellent coffee awaits you in our offices in Romont FR.

We look forward to meeting you.


By signing up for a third pillar, you receive interesting tax discounts as well as essential benefits:
-Advantages in case of bankruptcy
-Advantages related to inheritance
-Choose who receives the insured amount
-Good to know: the third pillar is not seizable

Allowed tax discounts for 2022
Person with a second pillar
Fr. 6'883.-
Person without a second pillar
Fr. 34'416.-
(max. 20% of income)


New product: flexible rent guarantee

A unique solution that allows the tenant to combine guarantee and deposit for their rent guarantee. The tenant can choose between a guarantee that is 100% guarantee, 100% deposit, or a mix of the two. They can change their choice throughout the duration of the lease to pay or recover their money without having any impact on the guarantee certificate. The certificate is always issued and insured by Firstcaution with the same standard.

For the tenant, it is unique in its flexibility. It means they can pay a higher deposit to save on their premium while at the same time keeping the option to retrieve the deposit throughout the contract's length.

For the building owner, it means the release is as easy whether the tenant chooses a bank deposit or a guarantee. No more tedious dealings with banks!

We are of course at your service for any questions should you be interested in such an insurance proposal.



Notice to our loyal customers

We're celebrating our 15 years of activity and want to thank our customers for their outstanding loyalty.

We look forward to receiving you, now with an additional asset: we now hold the Federal Diploma of Higher Education as a Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management.

See you soon!


Alternative medicine list (in French)

Check out this exclusive list that will allow you to find a therapist depending on your health needs.